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Compositions in this genre include a range of instrumental groupings, including solo piano, piano with various instruments, string and woodwind ensembles, piano with voice, jazz ensemble, and chamber orchestra. Some of these pieces have been published; all have received professional-level premieres.


Sonata Allegro for piano (2008); finalist for The American Prize (recording below)

Stingray for piano trio (2018); semifinalist for The American Prize

Peter's Song for piano trio (2019); semifinalist for The American Prize

Kingdom Wind  for woodwind quintet (2001)

Quintet on an American Melody for piano quintet (2002)

Red Tide for saxophone and piano (2009)

Mind  for voice and piano, with lyrics by Richard Wilbur (2010; revised 2021)

The Turncoat I & II for voice and piano, with lyrics by LeRoi Jones (1989, rev. 2011 & 2023)

Acquainted with the Night for voice and piano, with lyrics by Robert Frost (2012)

Sonata for Flute and Piano (2013)

Fantasia on 'Ebenezer Y Botel'  for woodwind quintet (2013)

His Deep Love for woodwind quintet (2015)

Sonata for Violin and Piano (2016)

Past the Farthest City Light for violin and piano (2021)

Cross and Glory, woodwind quintet version (2022)


Light jazz album Coast Ivory featuring Chris Bleth (1997) 

Don't Call Me Baby - from Coast Ivory
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Sonata Allegro - for piano
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