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Symphony No. 4 is in progress, but the slow movement, subtitled Adagio: Of Times and Seasons, is complete. It was recently recorded by the Czech Republic's Janacek Philharmonic, and is now part of the broadcast libraries of the largest classical radio stations in Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, where it has been played repeatedly.. Streaming or downloading from Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music is available here.  A YouTube version accompanied by slides is available here. The piece was also chosen for inclusion in two national conferences, and was named a finalist for The American Prize. An additional movement, subtitled Hope and a Future, is currently in rehearsal with the same orchestra, and is included in virtual form at the bottom of this page along with other recordings.













Symphony No. 3 (subtitled "The Four Winds") was recently chosen for a premiere  by the University of California at Irvine Symphony.  The four-movement piece portrays the power of the Creator over the vast forces of nature, with a language derived from American symphonic masters, film composers, and contemporary song. Three of the movements were also named finalist or semifinalist for The American Prize, Professional Orchestral Composition division. Each movement has been premiered separately in various forms by a number organizations including the Bellflower Symphony, the ECLA Chamber Orchestra, and Chicago's American Wind Band.

I. The Dawn Wind  (also at IMSLP)

II. The Island Wind  (aka Santa Cruz Island

III. The Free Wind 

IV. The Sunset Wind










Symphony No. 2 (subtitled "Freedom Crossing") is scored for symphonic wind ensemble and was commissioned by Chicago's American Wind Band. In one continuous movement and drawing upon fragments of an American spiritual, it expresses a longing for freedom.


Symphony No. 1 includes vocalists and uses texts from the Book of Revelation. Cast in an abstract, nontonal idiom, its three movements depict cataclysmic scenes and eventual triumph.


Other orchestral works include several published fantasias (available at Sheet Music Plus) on African-American melodies, some of which were premiered by members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic; Sinfonietta, premiered by members of the USC Symphony and included on the CD From Everlasting to EverlastingRhapsody for Cello and Orchestra, written for Bravo! L.A. and premiered by the Vanguard Chamber Orchestra; lighter orchestral overtures including A Western Christmas, premiered by both the Carson City Symphony and the Vanguard Symphony; and arrangements for orchestras at large Los Angeles-area churches.


Symphonic wind ensemble pieces include Just For Today, premiered by the Elyria (greater Cleveland) Symphonic Band; Divine Mystery, premiered by the Warner Pacific (Portland) Symphonic Band; Range of Light, a portrait of the Sierra Nevada, premiered by the American Wind Band; and Set Free, a lighthearted piece also premiered by the American Wind Band.

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Adagio (complete)virtual recording
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Hope and a Future virtual recording
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A Western Xmas - Vanguard Symphony
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Sinfonietta - USC Symphony members
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I. The Dawn Wind - virtual recording
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II. The Island Wind - virtual recording
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III. The Free Wind - virtual recording
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IV. The Sunset Wind - virtual recording
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